This is a what-if story of the Justice Guardians' adventure in The Pagemaster. Dedicated to Leonard Nimoy.



Chapter 1: The Library

  • Xion: ...?

Chapter 2: The Horror section

  • Jeffrey: *pants*
  • Jaden: *pants too* Crazy dog...
  • Applejack: Good thing we lost him.

  • Adventure: Which way?!
  • Horror: *stutters* Not down! Defenitley not down!!
  • Jeffrey: Up the other way!
  • Horror: Defenitely up! *heads for the stairs going up* Up up up!!!
  • (Everyone heads up stairs)

  • (As Richard moves against a wall of books, one book pops out and fades a bit, making Richard's hand go through it)
  • Richard: *gasps and starts to move faster*
  • DJ: *gasps*
  • (Several books fly in the air and ghosts appear out of them!)
  • Richard: What's going on?!?
  • Horror: Ghost stories!!!
  • Jaden: Yeah! Emphasis on "ghost"!!!
  • Jeffrey: Keep running!!
  • Jesse: *screams as ghosts chase after him* Great! The one time I didn't bring my ghost-hunting gear!!!
  • Xion: Me either!! Where are Luigi, Professor E. Gadd or the Ghostbusters when you need them?!
  • Fluttershy: *shrieks as several ghosts chase after her*
  • DJ: Get us outta here!!!
  • Tammy: *running from the ghosts* Leave us alone!!!
  • Meowth: *running from the ghosts* Run for it!!
  • Snowflake: *shrieks as several ghosts surround her*
  • DJ: ...!! *snarls at the ghosts as he rushes to Snowflake's side* Don't you dare touch her!!!
  • (The ghosts laugh at DJ)
  • DJ: *roars loud enough that it echoes everywhere in the section*
  • (The ghosts angrily charge at DJ in response)
  • Shira: Come on!!! *grabs DJ by the neck with her mouth and runs*
  • Snowflake: *runs with Shira and DJ*
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