These are some what-if stories starring Baby Midna, Baby Lily, Baby Snowflake and Baby Flurry Heart.

Chapter 1: Xion's baby cousin

  • (Baby Xion and Baby Lily crawled to Dragon-Jeffrey, who was asleep)
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* Uncwe Jeffwey? Hewwo?
  • (No response)
  • Baby Xion: *smiles* Daddy's slweeping again.
  • Baby Lily: *giggles quietly and smiles* Just wike a big kitty.
  • Baby Xion: *smiles and crawls to Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly*
  • Baby Lily: *smiles and follows her cousin*
  • Baby Xion: *gets an idea* Wait here. *crawls back inside*
  • (She returns a moment later with some finger painting kit)
  • Baby Lily: *smiles widely and coos happily*
  • Baby Xion: *smiles*
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* I wuv painting.
  • Baby Xion: *smiles* Me too, Lily.
  • Baby Lily: Too bad Tammy and DJ are taking a nap.
  • Baby Xion: That's all rwight. They can jwoin us later.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* Yeah. I guess so. *looks around* You didn't bwing papew.
  • Baby Xion: *giggles and puts her hand on Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly* We don't need papew.
  • Baby Lily: ...!!! *snickers quietly* I get it.
  • Baby Xion: *smiles and nods*
  • Baby Lily: *smiles, takes some finger paint and starts to paint on Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly*
  • Baby Xion: *takes some finger paint and starts to paint on Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles and talks in his sleep* Something....... tickles.......
  • Baby Xion: *snickers quietly*
  • Baby Lily: *giggles quietly as she paints* Wow. He can feew this?
  • Baby Xion: *smiles* Yep.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles as she resumes painting on Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly*
  • Baby Xion: *smiles and starts painting something on Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly*
  • Dragon-Jeffrey: *smiles and chuckles in his sleep*
  • Baby Xion: *giggles quietly* Swilly daddy.
  • Baby Lily: *giggles as she paints* He suwe is tickwish.
  • Baby Xion: *smiles as she paints* You'we rwight about that.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles as she finishes painting a rainbow on Dragon-Jeffrey's huge belly*
  • Baby Xion: *smiles* Wow!
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* Tanks, cousin Xion.
  • Baby Xion: *finishes painting a picture of a heart and smiles* Take a wook at mine.
Baby Midna color

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Orphan

  • (Curious to meet this new baby, Baby Lily crawls to Baby Midna)
  • Baby Midna: ...?
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* Hwello.
  • Baby Midna: You...... you'we not afwaid... of me?
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* No. Why would i be?
  • Baby Midna: 'Cause..... of how I wook....
  • Baby Lily: I think you wook cool. Mommy says that wooks don't matter.
  • Baby Midna: *smiles a bit* You'we actuawwy pwetty sweet, kiddo.
  • Baby Lily: *giggles* I'm Lily.
  • Baby Midna: They cawl me Midna.
  • Baby Lily: Midna? *smiles* I wike that!
  • Baby Midna: Eee Hee Hee. Tanks.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles*
  • Baby Midna: So whewe's youw pawents? You shouldn't be awone.
  • Baby Lily: *points to her parents* They'we over thwere. I'm not awone.
  • Baby Midna: *sees Alexis* Wow. Youw mom is pwetty.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles* Yeah.
  • (Jaden and Alexis walk over)
  • Alexis: Lily. Don't go to far from- *gasps from seeing Baby Midna*
  • Baby Midna: ...!! Uh...hwello?
  • Jaden: What on Earth is that?!?
  • Baby Lily: Don't be scweard! This is Midna.
  • Alexis: ....... *smiles a bit* That's a pretty name.
  • Baby Midna: ...!
  • Jaden: Where are you parents, Midna?
  • Baby Midna: ...I don't have any...
  • Alexis: *gasps and looks sad* You don't...?
  • Baby Midna: *shakes her head "no"*
  • Alexis: *picks Baby Midna up* Whatever happened to them?
  • Baby Midna: All i wemember was my mommy carrying me somewhere. My daddy said that someone named "Zant" was coming...
  • Jaden: Do you know who this "Zant" is?
  • Baby Midna: *shakes her head "no"*

Chapter 3: New Cub on the Block 

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 7: Hide and Seek

Chapter 8: Baby Xion the Teacher

  • (The babies were at the coloring table, talking about what they wanted to do today)
  • Baby DJ: So...what showuld we play today?

Chapter 9: Midna the Troublemaker

  • (Baby Midna was at the coloring table, coming up with a prank)
  • Baby Midna: *looks at a checklist she made* Now let's see. "Draw on Uncwe Atticus' face", "Scware Uncwe Nails with scwary mask"...
  • Baby Lily: That's just mean, Midna!
  • Baby Midna: Oh, come on. It's just hwarmless fun.
  • Baby Lily: Untiw you get caught...
  • Baby Midna: Then I'd bettew make swure i DON'T get caught. *crawls off snickering*
  • Baby Xion: *shakes her head* She's definitwely gonna end up in time out.
  • Baby Lily: *sighs*
  • (In the living room, Atticus had fallen asleep on the couch due to being tired from his recent duel)
  • Baby Midna: *sees this, summons a coloring pen and snickers* Today is gonna be fun.
  • (Then she climbs onto the couch and draws on Atticus' face)
  • Baby Midna: *smirks and whispers to herself* Pwerfect. *hides the coloring pen in her diaper, gets down from the couch and sneaks out of the room*
  • (She passes by several other team members)
  • Jeffrey: Hm?
  • Baby Midna: *smiles innocently*
  • Jeffrey: What are you up to today, Midna?
  • Baby Midna: Nothing.
  • Jeffrey: You sure?
  • Baby Midna: *makes a halo appear over her head*
  • Jeffrey: Hm...well, all right. Stay out of trouble now. *walks away*
  • (As soon as she was alone...)
  • Baby Midna: *sighs in relief and takes her checklist out of her diaper* Okay. "Draw on Uncwe Atticus' face". Check. *grins mischievously* Now for my next pwrank. Eee hee hee!
  • (She crawls over to wherever her next prank is gonna take place at)
  • Baby Midna: *sees Nails watching a scary movie and smirks* Oh...yeah. *summons a scary Halloween mask and puts it on her hair*
  • Nails: *shakes as he watches the movie*
  • Baby Midna: *sneaks behind the chair Nails is sitting and slowly raises the mask behind his head*
  • TV: *shows a man on screen* The monster could be anywhere close by! Keep your guard up!
  • Nails: *gulps* I have a feeling it's closer than I thought...
  • Baby Midna: *growls softly*
  • Nails: ...!!!!! *clings to his seat tightly and eyeballs left to right in fear*
  • (Baby Midna moves the mask to his right shoulder and taps it)
  • Nails: *slowy turns his head to the right and sees it* ......!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *faints*
  • Baby Midna: *laughs hard, then teleports to another room*
  • (Jesse and May rush over to check on Nails)
  • May: Nails, you okay?!
  • Nails: ................
  • Jesse: Come on, man! Say something!
  • Nails: ................................
  • May: He's not responding!!!
  • Pinkie Pie: *sees this and gasps* Clear!!! *dumps a bucket of water on Nails*
  • Nails: *wakes up and gasps hard* MONSTER!!!!!
  • Jesse: Whoa, whoa! Easy there! It's just us!
  • Nails: NO! I saw a monster!!!
  • May: Where?

Chapter 10: Silly Lily

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