Aqua and Baby Xion color

This is a "What If" story from the Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures series.


  • Jeffrey: There are some stories that were never told. Mainly cause they didn't happen yet or not at all. This is one of those stories. The story of what would've happened if my wife Aqua had been with me during the time my daughter Xion was a baby.

Chapter 1

  • (Aqua had finished her Keyblade training and was walking into a room. Inside the room was a baby crib with a baby girl in it. This was Xion.)
  • Baby Xion: *yawns as she wakes up from a nap*
  • Aqua: Hi, sweetie.
  • Baby Xion: *sees Aqua and giggles as she reaches her hands out to her*
  • Aqua: *picks her up* Enjoyed your nap?
  • Baby Xion: Mama.
  • Aqua: *smiles* Aw. I guess you did. *kisses her cheek*
  • Baby Xion: *giggles* Mama! *cuddles up to her*
  • Aqua: Well, since Daddy will be busy today, what do you say you and I spend the day together, huh?
  • Baby Xion: *smiles cutely and giggles happily*
  • Aqua: *giggles* You would like that? All right then. Let's get going, Xion.
  • (Aqua puts Baby Xion in a baby stroller.)
  • Aqua: Ready to go, sweetie?
  • Baby Xion: *nods*
  • Aqua: *smiles* All right. Time to go.
  • (She takes Baby Xion on a walk. During this, Baby Xion feels a small feeling in her stomach and suddenly grunts quietly. Two soft flatulence noises are heard as she grunts. Then she sighs in relief.)
  • Aqua: How are you doing, sweetie? ...? *sniffs the air, then Baby Xion* Oh, someone needs to be changed. *picks her up* Come on, Xion.
  • (Aqua takes Baby Xion to a bathroom. A minute later, she had changed Baby Xion's diaper.)
  • Aqua: There you go, sweetie.
  • Baby Xion: Mama. *giggles*
  • Aqua: *smiles and sheds a tear as she picks her up* I love you too, Xion.
  • (A few hours later, Aqua and Baby Xion return home.)
  • Jeffrey: *enters the living room and sees Aqua and Baby Xion sleeping* Aw. *covers them with a blanket and kisses them both* Good night, girls.
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