If Jaden and Jeffrey joined Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo to London, how would it go? Would they have solved the case of Lady Holiday's jewel theft earlier? Would they have seen threw Miss Piggy's lies sooner? Would they have  Follow along with the more updated version of the Adventure of "The Great Muppet Caper" and find out.

Chapter 1: "Hey A Movie!"

Chapter 2: The Daily Chronicle

Chapter 3: London

Chapter 4: The Happiness Hotel

Chapter : Lady Holiday's fashion show

  • (Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo and the Justice Guardians take their seats)
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*

Chapter : Battle for the Baseball Diamond

  • (The Muppets and the Justice Guardians drop down gently to the rafters above the Fabulous Baseball Diamond display and watch as Nicky, Carla, Marla and Darla lift the glass up to steal it)
  • Jeffrey: *thinks to himself* Here we go.
  • Jaden: *raises his finger and whispers* Wait for my signal everyone....
  • Goofy: *nods*
  • (They watch as Carla reaches into the display and takes the Baseball Diamond)
  • Fozzie: *dangles down* Excuse me. I don't think that belongs to you.
  • Jaden: NOW!!!!! CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!! *jumps down*
  • Animal: *drops down*
  • Pinkie Pie: *jumps down* WHEEE!!!
  • (Kermit, Scooter, Beauregard, Tammy and Capper land on Nicky Holiday and struggle to restrain him)
  • Jeffrey: *jumps down* Get the diamond!!
  • Carla: *quickly tosses it to Marla*
  • Gonzo: *drops down* Say cheese! *takes a photo of her*
  • Aqua: *jumps down* Quickly!! Stop them!!!
  • Marla: *tosses it to Darla*
  • Ventus: *drops down and grabs Nicky too* Not so fast!!!
  • (Darla tosses the diamond, but Animal luckily catches it in his mouth)
  • Fozzie: Hey, nice catch Animal! *slaps his back causing the diamond to fall out, but Rowlf catches it*
  • Rowlf: Heads up, Lew! *tosses it to Lew Zealand*
  • Lew: Over here, Rowlf! *catches it* Yeah, got it! Hot potato! Keep away. Here we go! *tosses it to Dr. Teeth*
  • Dr. Teeth: *catches it* Yeah! I got it! *tosses it to Fozzie*
  • Gonzo: *takes a picture of Dr. Teeth*
  • Baby Lily: *coos excitedly*
  • Nails: *tries to restrain Darla during this*
  • Terra: *tries restraining Darla too*


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