Here is Episode 6 in the Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends/Star Wars saga.

Chapter 1: Jabba's Palace

  • (Several of Jabba's men put odd-looking collars on the Justice Guardians)
  • Jesse: What the-?!
  • Applejack: What in the hay?!
  • Bib Fortuna: Since you are working for the master now, you will be wearing these from now on.
  • Jabba: You will obey my every command, or else!
  • Jaden: Or else what?!
  • Jabba: *presses a button on his panel*
  • Jaden: *gets electrocuted from the collar and screams in pain*
  • Jeffrey: Jaden!!
  • Jaden: *moans and falls to his knees*
  • Jabba: And the voltage will increase if you continue to disobey me!!
  • Jeffrey: *gets Jaden up*
  • Jaden: *moans* That hurt....
  • Jeffrey: *growls* You'll pay for that, you-- *gets electrocuted from the collar and groans*
  • Aqua: Jeffrey!!!
  • Jeffrey: *coughs* You'll pay for that...
  • Tammy: *snarls quietly*
  • Xion: *pets Tammy and whispers to Tammy* Shh. We'll get out of this. I promise. Until then, we need to be patient.
  • Tammy: *whispers* I'm having a word with Luke about this if we get outta this.
  • Xion: *nods*
  • Jabba: *laughs* Now... get to work, my servants!
  • Jeffrey: *growls* Yes, sir...

Chapter 2: 

  • (Back at Jabba's throne room, the entertainment is performing on a number called Lapti Nek and the slave girl named Oola dances for Jabba's entertainment)
  • Alexis: *watching this* Disgraceful!!
  • Jeffrey: Oy...
  • Jaden: *crosses his arms as he watches*
  • Rainbow Dash: Oh, man...
  • Beetles: *dances in rhythm on Jeffrey's shoulder*
  • Jeffrey: *looks at Beetles and raises an eyebrow*
  • Beetles: ...!!! *quickly stops and looks embarrassed*
  • Xion: *rolls her eyes*

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4: Luke Arrives

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